About me

I am Ingrid Helmes.

I came in contact with TREC through activities from the Mérens studbook during their sport days.

When the sport really started in the Netherlands I started to participate urly on.
I soon liked the sport so much that I also started to participate TREC competitions in the serrounding countries.

In 2008 I was allowed to be part of the Dutch team to participate in the world championship in France.
That experiance was so exciting that I continue to ride in several countries in the following years.

I was allowed to participate in a European and World Championships 4 times as a rider with 2 different horses.

During that time I also started as a judge at competitions and followed courses to become a FITE international judge and trainer judges.
In the last couple of years I have been a judge at several European and World Championships.

When I started it was very difficult to get all the practical information and you often just had find it out by your self.
Because I allready was giving riding lessons I expanded that with TREC.
Nowadays I’m mainly teach specialized TREC riding lessens becourse that really has my biggest interest.

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