TREC Challenge T3 – medium

General information about the challenge:
– Starting date March 1st 2021
– Training 1 task a week
– 12 in totaal (3 POR, 2 MA, 7 PTV)
– Your free to chose your own level
– Try to preform the task in the best way you are able to do

To join the Challenge you only have to join the facebook group. You can join for free.
There are more tasks to perform than you need for the challenge, you are free to chose wich you like to do.
You only need to write a small report in the facebook group for each task you trained to confirm what you did that week.
It would be realy nice if you add something like pictures, video or sceenshot.
When you have done a task a week for 3 months you will be eligible for the prices that will be given by the sponors. If you miss 1 week that is no problem, it wil be seen like a holiday week.

The list with all the tasks will be placed here on this page.

The Challenge PLUS

If you want support during the Challenge you can join the Challenge PLUS.

When you finished a task you have to sent in you results in by email. I will give you your feedback as quickly as posible. In that feedback I will give the judgement as a (international) judge and you will get tips on how to preform it better in the future.

The Challenge PLUS costs €25 for all 12 tasks.
You can register for the Challenge PLUS in the shop.