Online TREC Classroom

To have more options to introduce people to TREC, start setting up an online TREC classroom from now on.
Various lessons, clinics and other training courses will be organized here.

These can be informative Zoom meetings, but also real training with assignments that you make in advance and there is a closing meeting in which we go through the answers.

These meetings can be held in Dutch and English. This will be indicated at the event.

Some examples of topics that will be discussed:

TREC How, who, what, where?
A series of informative Zoom meetings, each time with its own theme.
Parts that are covered are:

  • What is TREC?
  • How do you start training?
  • What can you expect when you go to a competition?
  • Driving foreign competitions.
  • Promote to a higher level.
  • Volunteers at competitions.

Card reading course

  • Start card reading
  • Working with compass (basic)
  • Working with compass (azimuth)
  • Draw coordinates

Card reading training
You will receive assignments that you first complete yourself.
At the end of the month we conclude with a Zoom meeting to discuss all assignments.
This training is done on 3 different levels

  • Base (T2, juniors FITE)
  • Intermediate (T3, Young riders FITE)
  • International (T3 / T4, Young riders / Seniors FITE), language English

Online PTV training
Practice and record a PTV obstacle at home.
Submit a video of max 10 minutes.
On the basis of the video I will give you an assessment and instructions on how you can improve the exercises.