Online TREC Challenge

Because we all like TREC and have had to miss a lot of TREC activities in 2020 I decided to add a new online TREC challenge. The online TREC Challenge 2021! What does it mean?Starting from March 1 you are going to train 1 task ever week and try to do this for 3 months.We provide a list with TREC (related) tasks. All will have elements from POR, MA and PTV. Some of the tasks will be ridden, some in hand and some will be without your horse. After questions yesterday, we have added a special group for Driven TREC as well.

All tasks have to be done in a way that you would get the most point if as it would be in a competition.
There will be more tasks available than you have to for fill. You are free to choose the tasks that you would like. The only thing we ask is to that you perform 3 POR tasks, 2x MA, and 7x PTV.
If there is 1 week you are not able to do a task that’s no problem. After 3 months you end up with 12 full filled tasks.

The levels you can participate in are:
T1 – starters
T2 – basic
T3 – medium
T4 – Pro
M – driven TREC (in Dutch that is: men-TREC)

Everybody that to full fill completes 1 task weekly, will be eligible for a prize from one of the sponsors.
The sponsors will be able to see all your efforts and will select the prize by a random draw.

Participation with the online TREC challenge is free!

If you want your tasks to be judged and get some extra advice on how to preform them better you can participate in the Challenge PLUS.
This will cost €25
After you have sent in the task you will get feedback from me.

To get involved with this Online TREC challenge you need to join the special Facebook group For the Challenge PLUS you subscribe via the facebook group and use the link that leads you to my website.

All information you need will be provided in the FB group.
FB group is also for you to get in contact with the TREC family and help each other.