• “What is TREC”
    Cozy introductory course of about 2.5 hours without horse.

–Card reading course for beginners
What is on a card and how do you start working with it, 2.5 hours without a horse, max. 6 people.

–Read training ride map
During this ride you will work with the material learned from the map reading course.
Approx. 15 km, easy pace, max. 4 participants.

–Day workouts card reading
This is a combination of theory and practical training on foot
This course takes about 5 hours and includes lunch, max 4 people.

–PTV training
Obstacle training with max. 4 people, 1.5 hours per lesson.
Taking private lessons is also an option, in which case you will receive 1 hour of lessons.

–Day course TREC
A combination of a short card reading course, followed by a ride to practice and then a PTV lesson.